KW Comment Section Officially Worst Place For Women in Canada

Dozens of Kitchener-Waterloo women have been going about their daily lives, without realizing the horrors that surround them.

The Canadian Institute for Comment Sections released a study revealing that 95% of comments on Kitchener-Waterloo local news Facebook pages are offensive to women. They also revealed that comments made by women on local news sites received 70% less support than comments made by men, and that women whose profile picture included either a newborn baby or a book received even less support.

Worst City in Canada To Be a Women on Facebook

President of CICS, Kira Gawk, explained the motivation behind the study. “We’ve been monitoring Canadian comment sections since before the internet was born – sharpie scribbles on bathroom stalls, community bulletin boards, people talking on the bus – it’s only in the last month that we really starting digging into Facebook comments.”

CICS was inspired by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, who recently appointed Kitchener-Waterloo as the worst city in Canada to be a woman. Their study was based on economic security, reports of domestic violence, and stress levels. Kira Gawk’s study, on the other hand, was based on what she calls “a powerful online currency:” Facebook likes.

…But a Woman Conducted the Study

Many have questioned the validity of the study – how can we trust the word of Kira Gawk, a self-proclaimed woman?

“I knew people would be hesitant to accept the results of a biased, gendered, human being. So I holed up in my office and spent a week creating Kobold – a non-gendered computer program who does all the analytical dirty work.”

Kobold primarily analyzes comments on local news Facebook pages, considering the reported gender of the posters, occurrences of offensive language, content of profile picture, feminimity of name, and ranks support based on number of likes per comment.  It scours the internet every morning and reports back with ranked list of Canadian cities. According to the official report, Kitchener-Waterloo consistently ranks as the worst.

What’s next for Kira? “This project has become much bigger than just for CICS. I’m working on a new program that will tackle the complicated issue of negativity towards those who do not identify with a gender on Facebook. I’m really hoping that these studies will cause a decrease in senseless aggressive language and hateful attitudes.”

KW Facebook Commenters Do Not Agree

We took to the net and collected a few of the comments in response to Kira Gawk’s study.

“no offense but Ive never met a girl who could make a highly functional program like that.. its not prejudice its just a fact,” says Joshua Tyler, who later added that he’s a hiring manager in the tech industry and has interviewed too many “girls who didn’t look like they would know how to turn a computer on, let alone send an email.”

“see this is proof theres no such thing as a wage gap dumb broads like her just chose failing careers LOL,” comments a Facebook user by the name of Tennis Racket.

“Typical chick, naming a computer program,” says Maluuba Siri.

“I bet this Kira chick is one of those girls who thinks she’s allowed to walks around topless HAhaha no self-respect probably so dumb” contributes Tennis Racket again.

What do you think of Kira Gawk’s study? Let us know in the comments.


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