Kanye West to Graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University


Dr. Max demonstrating some of the other cool things that occur at WLU

The Honourary Degrees Committee made the announcement on Thursday that Kanye West, popular R&B artist, will be receiving an honourary Doctorate of Letters from Wilfrid Laurier University at this spring’s convocation. The Doctorate of Letters, or D.Litt. is an honourary doctor that is considered to be the equivalent or even more prestigious than a Ph.D.

The rapper famously dropped out of college after only one semester to start a career in hip-hop and rap, gaining both wealth and fame far beyond what he could have done had he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. His hit debut album was titled “College Dropout” and is largely self-referential.

Laurier student body remains unsure
Mr. West’s honourary degree has caused some concern amongst Laurier’s President, Max Blouw, who said in a Youtube video released on Friday that “inspiring lives can be hip too. We must hop on the cool train!” Students on the other hand, appear to be apathetic. When asked how he felt about the news music major Ralph Gonzolato simply shrugged his shoulders and said “I suppose he’s cool. I’m more into the Bach Sonatas right now.” Waterloo Honk reporters also asked several students dancing at Phils, but did not get an audible response.

Dr. Yeezus in prestigious company
Other recipients of the a D.Litt from the Wilfred Laurier University include local artist Woldemar Neufeld, actor Colm Feore and author Joseph Boyden. Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin, both recently disgraced politician have also recieved D.Litt degrees from Laurier University. The Waterloo Honk attempted to contact Mr. Duffy, but was informed he will be “unavailable for comment” for an indeterminate amount of time. His receptionist did say that Mr. Duffy would be happy to add her name to his current public works project, the “Duffy says hi” website, provided it did not already appear.

At this time it is unclear whether or not Dr. West will teach classes at the University, although some have speculated that the University may follow the University of Missouri and allow the newly minted ‘Dr. Yeezy’ to teach a class about himself.


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