New CostCo Wholesale Means LRT Extension

Proposed LRT with appropriate safety barrier.

Proposed LRT with appropriate safety barrier.

In response to public concerns about the possible increase of traffic at the west end Erb St. due to the new CostCo, City council has approved an extension of Light Rail Transit. “We really see a need to make this as consumer friendly as possible,” said Geoff Ishida, Costco VP, “We at CostCo Wholesale hear your concerns (about traffic congestion) and are willing to negotiate an extension of the LRT to include this new CostCo location. Rapid transit and CostCo have a bright future for the taxpayers of KW.”

Conflicted Public Response
Some people who attended the council meeting left feeling very conflicted. “I hate LRT,” said Waterloo resident Bill McFlaggen, “But I also hate getting stuck in traffic. I just feel very conflicted right now. I want to write an angry letter, but I don’t know who I’m angry at.” While Jaime Fforde said he changed his mind completely. “I was totally opposed to the CostCo, ‘cause it’s big and a boxstore and I’m not into boxstores right now, but if they support public transport, then they can’t be that bad, right?”

Great Canadian Mall Train Link Up
It would seem that this extension of the LRT will be part of Great Canadian Mall train plan that LRT consumer resource manager, Jerry Wether spoke to the Waterloo Honk about in February of 2013. Ms. Wether said that the LRT will become part of a national mall train project that seeks to connect malls across Canada. In and email Ms. Wether’s office informed the Waterloo Honk that “the connecting of the Waterloo Region to the LRT will include both Waterloo Region malls and CostCo Wholesale stores because they gave us a lot of money in a totally above board kind of way.”

In regards to concerns raised over customers’ ability to transport large bulk purchases back to their home, an extra large caboose car will be added to the Waterloo LRT. Use of the caboose will be restricted to card holders only, and free samples will be provided.

Construction on the LRT extension is scheduled to begin November of 2015.


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