Bouncy Castle City Bus (plus 66 others) Released For New Years Eve by The City of Waterloo

Interior of a party bus

Preparations for the “I’ve Got 99 Cats Bus” are right on schedule. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do Bouncy Castles, Slime Ball Pits, and Karaoke Saunas have in common? Nothing. But tonight they are 3 of 67 themes from The City of Waterloo’s New Years Eve Bus Initiative.

In an effort to discourage drinking and driving this New Years Eve, The City of Waterloo will be throwing 67 simultaneous public transit parties – each hosted on a separate city bus. Each bus will be host to a unique party, including Slip n’ Slide Bus, Pillow Fight Bus, Strobe Light Bus, and many more.

“Each party is inspired by the spirit of the City: exciting, innovative, and full of weirdos,” explains Stephen Scotty, the true mastermind behind the Party Bus Initiative.

Research has shown that last year over 80% of young people chose not to ride the bus on NYE, selecting “too boring” as the number one reason.

“I’d like to see the results of that survey after this year,” scoffs Scotty.

The buses will be released at 8pm this evening, and will be running according to their regular schedules. Keep an eye out for your favourite city councillors who will be stuck on the buses all evening, as  imposed by their official civic duties.

“I just hope I don’t get assigned to the Bouncy Castle Zoo Bus,” states the Deputy Major.

Other buses include:
Piranha Aquarium Bus
Glow in the Dark Petting Zoo Bus
Karaoke Sauna Bus
Butterfly Conservatory Bus
99 Cats Bus
Magma Bus
Snakes on a Bus Bus
Everything is Orange Bus
Science Experiment Bus
Open Air Bus
Snuggie Bus
Mumford and Sons Cover Band Bus
Bus of The Living Dead Bus
Magic School Bus Bus
No Chairs Bus
Pancakes and Coffee Bus
Make Your Own Dreamcatcher Bus
Nap Bus
Monkey Bus
Riding With The Dinosaurs 3D Bus
Nickleback Bus

Don’t drink and drive; drink and ride the Party Bus. You’ll be glad you did.
Happy New Year from The Waterloo Honk. Stay safe tonight!

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