City Councillor Excited to Taste the New LRT

By Sigurdas (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This is a light meal, not light rail.

In an exclusive interview for the Honk, Julie Dodge — city Councillor for Kitchener — expressed her personal interest in the new LRT. “I think it’s a great idea,” she started, “my morning commute has been getting dull.”

Honk: So you do use public transit?

Dodge: Oh yes, there is a bus stop about five minutes from my house, and it’s right beside a local Tim Hortons. I usually stop there to get a breakfast sandwich. I like it when they switch things up and add new items to the menu.

Honk: Will the LRT shorten your daily commute?

Dodge: Well, I suppose, maybe. That depends on how long it takes to make. And there will probably be bigger lineups because everyone will want to try it out.

Honk: Some vehicle-owners complain about being disregarded because of the LRT.

Dodge: Really? Well, to me, that’s ridiculous. They already have one lane dedicated for them, and they usually get served before walkers anyways. It’s not that hard to park and walk in.

Honk: Some critics complain that the LRT will be too much of a burden for taxpayers. Do you think that it’s worth it?

Dodge: A burden to taxpayers? Tim Hortons is footing the bill, obviously. And we’ll see if it’s worth it. If it tastes good, then yes, if not, then they’ll probably just scrap it.

Honk: Since when has Tim Hortons been a sponsor of the LRT?

Dodge: I believe they’ve been involved since the beginning, they did invent it of course.

Honk: Do you know what LRT stands for?

Dodge: No, to be honest. I think Lettuce, Radish, Tomato. Maybe it’s a vegetarian spin on the BLT. Tim Hortons must be trying to widen their market share.

Honk: Okay Julie thanks for your time.

Dodge: Thank-you! I’ve always admired your professionalism. You guys are so much more informative than that other Waterloo paper, the Vinyl.


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