Plagiarism at UW, Again!

Plagiarism strikes again!
After last year’s shocking scandal that involved a University of Waterloo professor caught plagiarizing his engineering research article, UW is once again under scrutiny.

This time, though, it’s not a research article that’s been plagiarized, but rather the anti-plagiarism campaign which launched after the fallout.

So long as you cite your sources!

In efforts to rehabilitate its reputation, the University of Waterloo increasingly publicized its anti-plagiarism campaign. A survey was released with a dual purpose: to gauge student comprehension of plagiarism rules, and to advocate the new motto for academic integrity. The Academic Oversight Committee for Innovative Integrity was in charge of this rebranding exercise. But it was recently revealed that their anti-plagiarism campaign was itself plagiarized off of a similar anti-plagiarism campaign from the University of West Conyai.

Not tho’ the students knew someone had blundered…
One UWC student commented, “when I saw the motto ‘work, study, play, with integrity,’ I knew it was a word for word copy of our own academic integrity jingle. I mean I’ve seen it on all UWC’s administrative material, from the college drop out information packages to the late registration forms. It even gets mentioned during graduation! Like, geez. You can’t just copy us. That’s twisted and dark.”

To make matters worse, UW students have noticed that the campaign failed to cite information suspiciously similar to the Wikipedia article on plagiarism. “I thought Wikipedia wasn’t an academic source,” said UW student, Jacob Riley. “Are we allowed to use it for essays now?”

What’s next for the AOCIII?
UW has refused to comment, citing issues of publicity. Citing issues indeed. Unofficially a member of the AOCIII commented that they were “heartbroken.”

Rumour has it that the AOCIII members involved in the campaign will be suspended for four months. After which, they will be reinstated at the university with full-pay.


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