Ironic Photo Contest Winner Announced

Earlier this month we reported on an alarming new trend in the KW area: People taking pictures of people taking pictures of food. Once again, The Honk was overwhelmed with submissions to our Hipstagram Photo Contest. There’s no lack of irony in the KW region, that’s for sure. Congratulations to Wanda Forrest of Uptown Waterloo for her winning submission, pictured above!  Wanda captured her daughter, Willow, sneaking outside to instagram her plate before dinner – apparently pretending to be at a garden party.

Wanda explains “When our first daughter was born, Wally and I thought it would be a hoot to name her after the street we live on: Willow Street! I wasn’t going to get Instagram, but when I found out there was actually a filter called Willow I just couldn’t resist. Yeah, it gets a bit confusing sometimes, but it’s worth it. I live for irony.”

Wanda has aptly named her submission “Willow in Willow on Willow.”

The Waterloo Honk would like to award special mention to Ralphie Stiles for his mesmerizing submission entitled “Day 47 in the Hospital.” Unfortunately, due to legal reasons we are unable to post his photo.

Thanks to everyone who submitted ironic photos! Stay tuned for more photo contests from your favourite Waterloo news source.

Edit: Wanda encourages everyone to follow her ironic instagram feed, consisting of photos of things which match their filter. Search “Toasters in Toaster” or “Earlybird Worms” to check it out.

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