Weekly Photo Contest!

Have you heard about ‘Hunting for Stars in Waterloo’? If not, this Sunday the City of Waterloo is hosting a night under the stars in Waterloo Park!

“It’s going to be a wonderful night. We’re really hoping that that Toronto and Hamilton’s smog doesn’t drift over us so we can actually see a star!” said Waterloo Urban Fun and Activities Commissioner Nicole Copper-Collier. The city has organized several talks by experts in the field of stars, including experts from the universities who have observed stars in their natural habitat, as well as several “rural folks” who claim to have seen stars with their naked eyes!

Like most city-organised events, ‘Hunting for Stars’ is not without it’s controversy. Camilla Borghese, resident of Uptown Waterloo Lofts, said to the Honk: “some of the claims made by these rustics are absurd. Seeing constellations, or the Milky Way? Come on, those things have been unobservable since, like, the Greeks.”

If you go star hunting on Sunday The Waterloo Honk would love to see you photos! Send them to thewaterloohonk [at] gmail [dot] com, subject line: Starry Night Photo Contest. We’ll look through them and announce a winner sometime in the future!


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