Laurier Student Wins 57 Free Coffees in a Row

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Jennifer celebrating her 40th win (Photo credit: mikemac29)

It’s every Canadian’s dream: get trapped in a never-ending loop of free Tim Hortons coffee. Thanks to Roll Up the Rim, one Psychology student from Laurier University has struck gold 57 times in a row.

This morning Jennifer Goodwin redeemed her 50th free coffee from Tim Hortons, and sat down to study with some friends. That trip earned her 7 free coffee wins – the longest Roll Up the Rim streak to ever occur in under 3 hours.

“I had nothing else to do,” said Jennifer.

“We made her chug the last 3,” laughed her boyfriend Lawrence.

Jennifer will be taking a 2 day break from Canada’s favourite lottery, as she is currently in the hospital due to vomiting and chest pains. Doctors say she’ll be fine, and that a little gambling has never hurt anyone.

After her 6th coffee, we asked Jennifer if she’d ever gambled before. “This isn’t gambling. It’s not gambling. I just bought a coffee, it’s different, not gamble, no.” After a brief pause she added: “Canada!”

Jennifer has become a bit of a celebrity on campus. Hundreds of students have stopped updating their Facebook statuses every time they lose Roll Up, and are instead keeping a running tally of Jennifer’s wins.

“Everyone knows her now. It’s weird,” says Lawrence.

However, only 20 other students have won a Roll Up prize on campus. A small group of protesters have formed, saying that Jennifer’s natural luck has ruined the otherwise accurate “1 in 6 is a winner!” promise all Canadians look forward to.

But Jennifer doesn’t care. “Haters gonna, wait what newspaper did you say you were from?”

The Waterloo Honk would like to remind everyone to drink responsibly this Roll Up season.

We want to know: How many Roll Up the Rim coffees have you won? Alternatively, just post your twitter handle, and we’ll check your most recent tweets for the answer.

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