Petition for “Child-free Tuesday” Gains Popularity

Unidentified child with tiger cub photographed...

As we all know, Family Day can get a little out of control, as pictured above. (Photo credit: Smithsonian Institution)

Following yesterday’s Family Day outings and activities, a petition to make the Tuesday after Family Day a “child-free” day is gaining popularity in the Kitchener-Waterloo region.

Parents and non-parents alike have banded together to create ‘Child-free Tuesday.’ One of the founders of this movement, Mary Pario, said to The Honk: “They [the children] are so active… and so loud. Oh my God there are loud.”  Pario went on to say that Family Day is exhausting for many parents, as they are forced to spend time with their children. “There’s a lot of social pressure to be with them 24/7.”

A press release on the Child-free Day’s website also pointed out that people who don’t like children have very few recreational options on Family Day. “They’re just everywhere, and all so sticky and smelly,” said Medea Smalls, an advocate of ‘Child-free Tuesday’ and supporter of child-free Liberty Village in Toronto. “I’d just like a day where I can wander around an art gallery and drink a cocktail without some like brat screaming.”

The petition gained popularity after the questionable decision to include dangerous feral cats in Kitchener-Waterloo Family Day celebrations (The Waterloo Honk’s report available here). More parents have begun signing up for what the Commission for Child-free Tuesday calls “A day without headache!”

There are still some concerns that the ‘Child-free Tuesday’ movement has not  fully addressed, such as where to put the children for a day. “Some people have suggested a Pied Piper scenario,” said Pario. When asked to elaborate she said she was unavailable, as she “had to take a bucket of Advil and have a lie down before the kids get in.”

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