University of Waterloo decorates geese for Valentine’s Day

Students at The University of Waterloo arrived to a pleasant surprise on campus today: Valentine’s Day themed Canadian Geese.

Approximately half of Waterloo’s 795 resident geese have been decorated for Valentine’s Day. The geese have been dyed red, dusted with glitter, and adorned with heart pedants and “We love you” signs.

This may seem an unusual way to celebrate the day of love, but given UWaterloo’s love-hate relationship with their geese, many have applauded this “radical gesture of peace.”

“I think it’s great!” said a second-year student on her way to Introduction to Environmental and Planning Law.

Although the masterminds behind this Valentine’s Day gift have not revealed themselves, it can only be assumed they hoped to use their assets to spread some goose love to the city of Waterloo. Unfortunately, as usual, all of the geese remained on UWaterloo’s campus.

Were you able to snap a photo of a Valentine Goose today? E-mail your photos to thewaterloohonk [at] gmail [dot] com, subject line: The Honk Valentine’s Photo Contest.


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