Preteens Hunt Zombies in Waterloo Sewers

After a four day man-hunt Waterloo police have found three adolescents in the storm sewer near Silver Lake on the edge of Uptown Waterloo. A senior officer on the case described it as “bizarre”, “odd”, and “somehow not surprising.”

The police knocking on doors, posting ‘lost’ notices and rewards. A mother of one of the lost preteens said to The Honk “it was like loosing your cat. Only worse. Like losing a really big cat that you love a lot!”

Dressed in fantasy inspired costumes the preteens descended into the sewers in search of “gold coins, enchanted weapons and armour, and some ‘sick’ monsters to kill”. The adolescents said they had no fears because they had “a well rounded party with an elemental mage, a Halfling thief and an elf ranger.”

“After all those role-playing video games came out earlier in 2012, like Skyrim and Diablo III, we’ve been expecting some sorta extreme reaction from their fan base,” said Officer Isaac Michaels. “Somehow they keep thinking that strangers in bars will give them ‘quests,’ and now they’re fighting zombies in sewers? Kids these days have a real hard time distinguishing reality and fiction.”


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