University of Waterloo cancels class from February 29-31 due to second D2L outage

The University of Waterloo’s online learning platform, Desire2Learn, will not be running during the three day span from February 29th-31st. As a result The University of Waterloo will not be holding classes during the three day LEARN outage.

Students will be unable to access course discussions, course readings, or assignment drop boxes, and will not be expected to attend class from February 29th-31st. The university will be mailing out informative guides on how to participate in face-to-face discussions, how to use outdated print resources such as encyclopedias and books, and how to find and use on-campus assignment drop-boxes.

This is the second LEARN problem of the year. Students were unable to access LEARN during the last 3 days of January, causing the phrase “F*** you LEARN” to trend briefly on Twitter. Hopefully this month students will find themselves better able to navigate their studies without the electronic helping hand of LEARN.

Laurier’s online learning platform, MyLearningSpace, will remain unaffected by the outage and classes will run according to schedule.


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