Snopocalypse casts shadow on IRS participants at UWaterloo

Dozens of Engineering students turned up on UWaterloo’s campus yesterday despite the Snopocalypse, and possible Ragnarok. Why? February 9th marks the long-awaited Iron Ring Ceremony, making February 8th the IRS. The Iron Ring Stag is a decades old tradition during which graduating Engineering students gather together to get royally shit faced before pulling pranks around campus.

Arts and Math students have described The Ceremony as “cultish” and “creepy.” But the Engineers themselves describe it as “a symbol of pride in the engineering profession and a reminder of the engineer’s obligation to live by a high standard of professional conduct.”

The IRS is a part of the lifecycle of an Engineering Undergraduate, which begins with the highly structured Orientation Week in 1st Year and ends with a massive piss up during the IRS at the end of Disorientation Week.

Unfortunately for our soon to be well-employed engineers, the day they’ve been working towards for the past 5 years was undermined by the first snow day The University of Waterloo has declared since 2008.

One IRS participant, Aaron Postman told The Honk that he felt “jipped” by the whole snow day situation, since “there was no one around to disturb.” When asked what he did instead, he replied “Drank more.” The Waterloo Honk was unable to contact Mr.Postman after that.

In past years, IRS participants have dressed up as pirates and  communists, attended breakfast keggers, and spent the afternoon running through classrooms, yelling profanities at the dazed students.

As far as anyone knows, no such activities were performed this year. Although yesterday there was a report filed for a zombie sighting in Biology 1.


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