A Snowstorm to End the World?


The Norse Apocalypse Club is pretty excited.

With dire predictions of record snowfall today most people are preparing for slow traffic and heavy shoveling, but not a group of animists from the Norse Apocalypse Club on UW campus.

“Well essentially we think this is the Ragnarok, the end of the world,” said Charles Harvey, or as he likes to be called Thorstein Skallasson. “We’ve got a basement full of beer store up and everything.”

The Ragnarok, or mythic Norse apocalypse, begins with what Skallasson called the “Fimbulwinter, or a super long and cold period before the sky gets set on fire and two wolves eat the sun and moon.” Skallason and his fellow pagans believe that tomorrow’s snowstorm marks the beginning of this time. “After that there’s a big battle and mostly everyone dies.”

“It’s been going to be pretty f***ing awesome” was all Skallason had to add, although his fellow club member, Halla Haraldsdottir (IRS Masters student Irene Chong) did yell: “Hail to the Hammer!”


One thought on “A Snowstorm to End the World?

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