Deep Freeze Hits K-W Region

A lawn chair on its side, with a light layer of snow

Dozens of Waterloo lawn chairs were overturned during the Freeze of January 22nd.

An unnatural cold front hit Waterloo today, with temperatures plunging down to -16° C, although according to experts it felt like -25° C. Reactions to the weather change were generally mixed amongst students, with some hating the colder temperatures, whilst others still absolutely abhor the drop.

Anna Scott, a Math student attending UW, stopped to speak with a Honk reporter saying, “this is unreal. I feel like I’m an Arctic penguin or something!” Another UW student, who wished to remain unnamed, said “I broke my f**king hair this morning after my shower. I literally f**king snapped my f**king hair. Like what the f**k winter?”

At WLU opinions were generally the same. However most students were unavailable to comment, either because their scarves muffled their words too much to be understood, or because they were too cold to stop moving.

John Iver, lecturer in the Geography department at WLU, pointed out that the average historic temperatures for this time of year are only about 3°C off today’s temperature, and that the past two winters have been unseasonalably warm.

When confronted with this information Ms. Scott simply stated “I think I have frostbite on my nose. Does it look white to you?”

How did you survive the cold today?


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